About Battle of Britain II

This post is to outline in brief what the flight simulation game Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory. It is essentially a remake or rehash of the original Battle of Britain, which we refer as Battle of Britain I. The first Battle of Britain was developed by Rowan Software and published by Empire Interactive. Rowan Software no longer exists, but BDG is set to continue their product as they have released the source code for the original game for free.

In Wings of Victory, combat is taken from an aerial point of view, inspired by the Battle of Britain that took place in World War II. The game features the British RAF against the German Luftwaffe forces. We have taken a stance as a developing group to focus on historical accuracy, rather than entertainment that you would typically find in a videogame. Our audience for gamers that play the game still very much find the game fun, however it remains a serious hit among enthusiasts of the flight seven genre as well as people interested in the historical aspect of World War II. The game has received numerous awards, such as A2A Simulations’ five-star award, as well as SimHQ’s best of 2006 nomination.

The game can be played as both a sheer flight simulator are is a strategic action game, allowing our gamers to act as a pilot within the environment of World War II. The game features several strategic elements, such as commanding the Air Force and managing the tactics of flight within the specific battles.

We’ve changed several things about the original Battle of Britain, developed by Rowan software. These include graphics and layouts of the in game world, new gameplay features, and hundreds upon thousands of fixes to make flight inside of the game as accurate and smooth as possible. We’ve also included several new planes of war, with it being extremely accurate versions of the actual warplanes used in World War II. Being inside a fighter jet has been made as realistic as possible, with the just additions such as radio transmission with the military forces set on base as well as the ground, as well as extremely accurate automatic guns.

Several members have dedicated a time to developing this product, and we couldn’t have done it without them. To them, we  consider them part of the BDG family, as we do all of this as freeware. Click here if you wish to view a description and list of our main members. Thanks to everyone that has ever tried the game, and/or supported the original Battle of Britain developed by Rowan software.  You have helped support us in numerous ways.