BDG members

Information of some of the BDG current members

Several tens of people have contributed to our simulation game, Battle of Britain II, since we took over its development several years ago. This post is dedicated to honoring every individual that is worked on it tirelessly and ordered it for us to bring quality simulation product for those interested in flight simulation.


At 60 years old, Ken, is a retired engineering officer and has had long experiences with flight simulation games of the past. He’s most interested specially into flight models, paths, trajectories, and anything in between. He is responsible for helping BDG, not only in coding, but in his superior knowledge of how planes physically work and how all systems should function within the videogame.


Jeffrey loves war video games, specifically those more focused on the historical aspects of it rather than the entertainment value of wargames. He was first introduced to the flight sim when he heard that Roland wanted to mix together a wargame focused on campaign with a decent flight simulation system. That concept had him interested until he got invited to help polish it.


Paul is main hobby has been Battle of Britain I and II for several years. It’s been a huge part of his life, devoting several hours every single week working on the sim. He has previously chronicled the game as a time machine, rather than a videogame in itself. He considers it something part of history rather than something of entertainment, despite it being both at the same time.


Randy was a soldier in the US Army, but became unfortunately disabled while training 30 years ago. Even despite his short tenure and service he had already earned some unique distinctions. He has been obsessing with history since he was a teenager, and has been playing war related video games since he was 12 years old. Games like Avalon Hill were used to learn history, and as of sort of sandbox to replicate what reality is. His contributions to Battle of Britain II were within the campaign. He helped write the story, and code a large part of the single player aspects.


Alex is a businessman from Pennsylvania who loves to fish. While he does not consider himself a gamer, he is extremely interested in history and the strategic parts of war. Specifically, he has interest in how the Britain forces entered the fight during the Battle of Britain. On top of that, he has had experience being close up with fighter planes and jets that can actually be found within the game. These include F-104 Phantoms, F-102 Delta Darts, and A4 Skyhawks. He was enlisted in the US Marine Corp which helped found his background knowledge and experience understanding these complex fighter jets. While not a full developer, his work in testing the product and updates has helped tremendously in the development of the group and the game.