How to Lower PC Temperature While Playing BOB II

If you’re noticing that your personal computer heats up quite a bit while you’re playing Battle of Britain II or MIG Alley, you should know that there are some things that you can do to turn things around! Today, we’re going to share the most practical tips with you. Our goal is to help you lower the temperature of your PC…fast!

Without further ado, we’d like to share some practical tips that lots of gamers use in order to keep their computers at optimal temperatures.

Do a Bit of PC Cleaning

Dust is the enemy. It tends to accumulate. When it builds up, it will clog fans, traps and vents in your personal computer. This means that hot air will have nowhere to go. When you clean your PC and get rid of the dust build-up, you may lower its temperature rapidly.

Before you begin, be sure that your computer is turned off. Also, make sure that your power cable isn’t plugged into your computer. As well, you should be sure that you are “grounded”, in order to release static electricity from your body. The easiest way to do this is to put on a wristband which is “anti-static”.

If you don’t want to invest in one of these wristbands, and they are typically affordable buys, you may ground yourself on a large section of metal, such as a home radiator, and also avoid wearing garments which tend to drum up static electricity, such as sweaters made from wool and running shoes.

Next, gather the right cleaning materials and tools. We think that three products are all that you need in order to get great results! These are compressed air (buy one can), a cloth crafted from microfiber and a bottle of ninety-nine percent isopropyl alcohol.

To clean, focus on removing dust from all of the fans. There are power supply fans, external fans and CPU fans. To clean them, hit them with a blast from your compressed air. This will loosen the dust. Then, finish the job by cleaning the blades with the microfiber rag and your bottle of isopropyl alcohol.

Manage Your Cables More Efficiently

Another trick is to bundle your cables, which may be taking up a great deal of space and adding to overheating issues. Cables collect dust, too, so it’s smart to manage them efficiently. To accomplish this, get some plastic zip-ties and move the cables into a bundle or bundles.

When you bundle your cables and zip-tie them, you’ll create more open space inside of your computer. This will make it simpler for your PC to take in cooler air and let out hotter air.

Try BDG’s sensible tips to increase PC performance while playing our games

When you use these two methods in order to lower the temperature of your personal computer, you may notice a big difference. Getting in the habit of cleaning your computer regularly and managing cables well will help you to prolong its product life and avoid overheating issues. So, why not try our sensible, tried-and-true tips right now?

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