More about the Battle of Britain Development Group

Our developing group, also known as the BDG, was founded on July 30, 2001. This was when the head of SimHQ invited a small group of Battle of Britain players to help in the development of the earliest version of Rowan’s Battle of Britain. At this point, Rowan would release the source code for Battle of Britain so that the small group of players could help develop the game further.

Because of this process, the Battle of Britain Development Group was able to develop the second game titled “Wings of Victory”. For note, this was in conjunction with Shockwave Productions, who now goes by the name A2A Simulations. Rowan Software is now defunct, however, as a development group, our mission is to continue their vision for the Battle of Britain franchise.

As of now, the last update for the Battle of Britain game is titled Battle of Britain II version 2.06. This was the last official update, but BDG is tasked with releasing free updates for the videogame simulation. We’d like to thank every individual that has helped keep the game of life despite the fall of Rowan software.