We want your feedback

We always want to find new problems or issues or bugs that have been plaguing the game at any time during your play experience. While the game runs relatively bug free as of lately, we still anticipate minor bugs to be out there.

We also want new features to work with, depending on whatever the community wants. During the development process, we look for the community feedback to help us code something that has interest. After all, the game does run on community, ever since Roman software has fallen. Believe it or not, we consider you as part of the Britain development group if you help give us ideas and/or accuracies to aid making Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory is historically accurate as possible.

We’ve been working hard to make this site intuitive for all our PC gamers out there as well. The dev group has even made a post on how to better optimize your gaming desktop to play our game, in case you haven’t read it. Please give us feedback on different types of other posts you may be interested in reading from us.